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F.S.C. BEZPEČNOSTNÍ PORADENSTVÍ, a. s. in cooperation with ČEZ, a. s. and ČEPS, a. s. organized a workshop of specialists from 21st to 22nd January 2010 focusing on the problematics within the physical protection of selected energy network’s objects.

Experts on physical protection from five EU Member States contributed to the success of the workshop. Main contributions included the following topics:

  • Issue on legal status of the critical infrastructure protection in the Czech Republic Terrorism and other criminal activities – threats to the electricity system
  • Characteristics and types of assailants
  • Basic principles of the security standard creation
  • Standard of the electricity transmission network physical protection
  • Standard of the electric energy production facilities the physical protection and Group CEZ experiences

Workshop fulfilled its specified goals, it was a source for further information on the problematics within the energy network’s physical protection, and it has also become a solution for the coming final conference within the project ”Analysis of the Protection of Energy Networks’ Crucial Objects against Terrorism and Proposal of Security Standards“ which will take place towards the end of 2010.